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Unpolished Fittings

Unpolished Tube OD Weld Fittings are used in a wide variety of industrial applications where sanitary finishes are not required. Our manufacturer’s tumbled finish presents a consistent uniformed appearance.

The Unpolished Weld Fittings are offered in nominal tube sizes 1/2" through 8" in T304 and T316L materials. Uniform wall thickness for 1/2" through 3" sizes, measures 16ga. In 4" size, wall thickness measures 14ga, 6" and 8" 12ga. is standard.


Size Range:
1/2" OD through 8" size OD


Unpolished - Tumbled

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PDF Materials
E9ZSW(Size) 90 Degree Elbow less Tangents
E9ZHW(Size) 90 Degree Elbow with Tangents
UBZW(Size) 180 Degree U Bend
E4ZSW(Size) 45 Degree Elbow less Tangents
E4ZHW(Size) 45 Degree Elbow with Tangents
TEZHW(Size) Long Tee
TEZSW(Size) Short TeeRTZ(Size) Reducing Tee
RTZ(Size) Reducing Tee
XZ(Size) Cross SEZG(Size) Ferrule
SEZG(Size) Ferrule
SEZ(Size) Type B Stub End Less Groves
CAZW(Size) Weld Cap
ADTMPT(Size) Male NPT X Weld Adapter
ADTFPT(Size) Female NPT X Weld Adapter
LAZWWW(Size) 45 Degree Lateral
CRZSW(Size) Concentric Reducer
ERZSW(Size) Eccentric Reducer
38SL(Size) Slip On Flange



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