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Standard hardware is 304 grade stainless steel. Type 316 grade stainless is available as well as electro-zinc plated carbon steel upon request.

injection-molded clamp halves have outstanding physical properties. They offer excellent dielectrical and acoustical insulating properties. Molded from Santoprene (an FDA regulated thermoplastic rubber) or Polypropylene, our clamp halves offer a wide range of thermal properties, (-22° to 212° for PP;-40° to 302° for SP). Santoprene has excellent resistance to a broad range of food such as milk, beer, wine, vinegar, and beverage syrups. Santoprene clamp halves also offer resistance to salt water, oils as well as most acids, alkalis and other chemical solutions.

All clamp halves in our Sanitary Series incorporate
a "smooth bore" contact surface between clamp and tube diameter. This concept was developed to prevent bacteria from harboring in any recesses. Standard, Twin and Heavy Series Pipe Supports offer ribbed contact surfaces for greater clamping pressures. Standard, Twin and Heavy Series Clamp Halves are also offered with stainless steel hardware or aluminum inserts for high temperature applications, and accommodate pipe and tube diameters ranging from 1/4" O.D. thru 30" O.D.

​​​Engineering, plant, and maintenance personnel appreciate the Behringer® Clamp's rugged construction, simplicity and clean design. These clamp components can be quickly and effectively secured and are virtually maintenance free. The modular clamp design assures greater flexibility in assembly, adjustment and stacking as well as an endless variety of application configurations to suit every need.

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